@ Nutshells

Links to The rabbits we enjoy chasing & The music, art & games we enjoy sharing can still be found on one of PoinTTalkers Twitter accounts ( before Twitter had the option to make a list, we’d often create a new account to connect domains registered   ( it really is a nuisance when they’re not connected , because Twitter accounts often show up in search results before a website you may have taken a week to build )

PoinTTalkers.com will now focus on what it was started for in the first place, selling domain names

If you enjoy the rabbits & music you can find them on twitter until they’re sold …






if you purchase a domain name attached to one of our twitter accounts it’s part of the package.

You can browse the updated Domain Names listings here ( if the page isn’t showing at the top … )

PoinTTalkers Domain Names

The @nutshells twitter account ( embedded below ) is also for sale minus the domain name … but still a catchy name for a twitter account …