How to Decrease Your Website Traffic … SEARCHING …

First. Put something really unexpected and out of place on top of the page … Something that has nothing to do with the price of your internet connection you’re still paying for . . . oh, we love decreasing our traffic … there should be an app for that … try googling it … nope … there’s only one kind of people online … the kind that always want more ! Gee … if you get confused about that you might want to consider why size has anything to do do with a point of light in a time and space we have just learned to manipulate with a microdot … but, hey if you think that little pin head you are stuck on needs expanded … and you don’t want anyone slowing down your already slow Nanny State Connection … but you don’t really want to be rude or deny anyone the pleasure of your insults … you might want to invent an app that has a quick option to DECREASE AND UNMULTIPLY THIS LITTLE PIECE OF DIGITAL REAL ESTATE … OOOPS ! NOT TO BE FOUND … OOOPS ! YOU’RE ONLY ALLOWED TO EXPAND (PREFERABLY ANONYMOUSLY AND WITH LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SECURITY TO PROTECT YOUR FRONTAL LOBE STROBE CALCIFIED THIRD EYE FROM ALL THOSE UNHINGED BACKDOOR SERVERS IN CHINA ! BLAME IT ON THE RUSSIANS !

extraordinary, dark, fascinating and mind-bending secrets

“If there ever was a legend within the field of Truth and Conspiracy research, JORDAN MAXWELL is certainly one of those legends. Probably the very first researcher, of the paranormal, other-worldly phenomena and secret societies, to reveal extraordinary, dark, fascinating and mind-bending secrets and revelations from a secret hidden world, both on Planet Earth and in the universe. Nothing is off limits to discuss with the 77-year-old lecturer, author, investigative researcher and truth-speaker Jordan Maxwell, who has lived a most incredible and unusual life, very different from most other people.”

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