What Is Real...
Talk Is Cheap Until We Meet... Fill In The Blanks, Try Not To Cheat...

Telling Stories
Tracy Chapman

The Atomic Age
 Nuclear Hoax ?

This is the American Flag that flies during Times of Peace
(That's why you've never seen it before)

Eat The Weeds...

To Buy, To Throw Away, To Buy;

the Secret History of

Planned Obsolescence

How To Create Your Own Promisory Notes
Michael Tellinger

Flat, Round, Solid, Hollow: A little of each, or Something Else...
(Only one thing is for sure, it isn't a perfect circle)

The Higher Side Chats - Guest:  Eric Dubay

"Just Give Me Some Truth...."
John Lennon

"When Life gives you censored ships,
Make mini subs and boats that flip
Or just forget the sea and quit
As if you never gave a sh!t"

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