What Is Real...
Talk Is Cheap Until We Meet... Fill In The Blanks, Try Not To Cheat...

We hold these things to be self evident,
 that the useless spy bugs
can all use a good hammer app...

Why I'm "Ready for Hillary!"

To Buy, To Throw Away, To Buy;

the Secret History of

Planned Obsolescence

Part 1/4

How To Create Your Own Promisory Notes
Michael Tellinger

Flat, Round, Solid, Hollow: A little of each, or Something Else...
(Only one thing is for sure, it isn't a perfect circle)

The Higher Side Chats - Guest:  Eric Dubay

"Just Give Me Some Truth...."
John Lennon

Illuminate Thrones
Emily W Cragg

God Shave The Queen...

Technocracy Rising
John B Wells w/ Patrick Wo
Caravan To Midnight

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