Every senior JAG officer worth his or her salt knows this

“Technically, so-called “Federal Grand Juries” and federated State of State Grand Juries can’t even address an American National, nor can they produce a “jury of our peers” from their jury pools.
Bill and Hillary Clinton have thus far evaded arrest by seeking safe-harbor in our jurisdiction
(thinking that The United States of America is uninhabited and that our judicial system is so far decayed that we cannot possibly arrest and prosecute them under the Public Law.)
But, we can …” Link: http://annavonreitz.com/kavanaugh.pdf AnnaVonReitz.Com

A Plea for Common Sense and Brotherhood

“The corporations and especially the Big Banks are trying to control and destroy the only power on Earth that can bring them back under control and put a limit on their criminality — and if necessary, liquidate them.
THAT is what is at stake and it has nothing to do with pedophile priests.”
LINK: http://annavonreitz.com/brotherhood.pdf – AnnaVonReitz.Com