What Is the Name of the Crime ???

Unlawful Conversion
Anna Von Reitz .Com #602
Unlawful conversion of
our Trade Names redefining them as Foreign Situs Trusts.
Unlawful conversion of
our state national standing to that of mere “citizens”.
Unlawful conversion of
our land patents to titles held under color of law.
Unlawful conversion of
our private property to public assets.
Unlawful conversion of
our government on the land to a government on the sea.
Unlawful conversion of
the copyrights and trademarks we are owed.
Unlawful conversion of
our private bank accounts to public “personal” accounts.
Unlawful conversion of
our States to “States of States” and “STATES OF STATES”.
Unlawful conversion of
our public courts to private corporate tribunals.
Unlawful conversion of
private civilian assets to public trust assets.
Unlawful conversion of
American Common Law to English Common Law.
Unlawful conversion of
public records to private registrations.
Unlawful conversion of
our right to elect to mere voting privileges.
The sheer scale of this sly, secretive crime spree
all across the globe is staggering,
especially when one considers that it has all
taken place under a banner of freedom
and progress—- while in fact delivering a form
of modern feudalism instead.
I wonder how long they thought they’d get away
with it? And now that they are
standing with their pants down around their ankles,
I wonder how long they think
they can still get away with it?
How long before the police forces and
military wake up and do their jobs and
prosecute the actual criminals?
How long before the government politicians responsible
know for sure that they have
been caught and have to correct, or none of us will
have any reason to pay them for
their “service”?
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