What is the Name of the Crime ?

Unlawful Conversion

((( say it ain’t so )))

Unlawful conversion of our Trade Names redefining them as Foreign Situs Trusts.
Unlawful conversion of our state national standing to that of mere “citizens”.
Unlawful conversion of our land patents to titles held under color of law.
Unlawful conversion of our private property to public assets.
Unlawful conversion of our government on the land to a government on the sea.
Unlawful conversion of the copyrights and trademarks we are owed.
Unlawful conversion of our private bank accounts to public “personal” accounts.
Unlawful conversion of our States to “States of States” and “STATES OF STATES”.
Unlawful conversion of our public courts to private corporate tribunals.
Unlawful conversion of private civilian assets to public trust assets.
Unlawful conversion of American Common Law to English Common Law.
Unlawful conversion of public records to private registrations.
Unlawful conversion of our right to elect to mere voting privileges.

Who is Anna Von Reitz ?

See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.com
((( a space and perhaps a breath should be inserted here, to seperate
the boys from the girls ))) stupid Nanny State Robots !

including Douglas Duane Dietrich ( who would’ve know, eh )

Who is Douglas Dietrich ? (Hang in there Vinny!)


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