Glow Bowl Paradigm

my god never granted your god the
autority to rule over anything but your
own personal compost pile …

my soul does not
require baloney
but it’s nice to know
you’ve outgrown me…

shake and bake
the paper shredder
invent a new font
for your headers

push that pen
until there’s no ink left
if all is forgvien
there’s no regret

it must be true
because you said so
it can’t be green
if it’s half blue

i had a good reason
for blowin your mind
blame it on a fake free
glow bowl paradigm

i had sympathy
for my sympathizers
’til the clones started messin’
with my ocean gliders

your tongue needs pulled
open wider
if your dog is dead
start a fire

burn their fuel
and hack their spiders
the cost of destruction’s
getting higher

my soul requires
no blood
even though you
think it does

who clever made you god
probably wrote that part, too

i’m sure high now
it’s been revealed
you’d say anything
to make a deal

those bend over smiles
crop & conceal
every glow bowl
made of steal

one glass at a time
is never enough
in the land of anything goes
in the guff …

At the bottom of this bottle
i’m calling your bluff
to let you know what i think
of your stuff

to let you know
what i think of your knowing

there’s all kinds of wind
up here, blowing

it reminds me of when
you tried to de-throne me

with a fake fur coat
of arms signed ‘own me’


my half baked


ex love



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