Our Situation Report – Anna Von Reitz

Truly understanding where we are requires a knowledge of where we have been in the past— and
that is not easy to come by, both because the facts have been obscured by guilty parties and
because most people have not been motivated to learn.
So that we can hit the highlights and get up to speed in the present—-
Part I
— We Begin
1. The government of this country is vested in its people.
“People” means “militia” in Hebrew.
is no doubt that the Founders meant for the government to be created and controlled by the same
militia men who defended
the country
then and who defend it now.
2. The actual government is an unincorporated business known as a Body Politic.
The name given to this Body Politic on September 9, 1776, was: The United States of America.
This is a totally unique unincorporated
entity and we hold its Declaration of Independence and its
Letters Patent and its sacred name under Common Law Copyright in perpetuity.
The United States of America is not a sovereign nation.
It is a consortium known as a “union” of
sovereign nations.
Thus, when you look at this country, what you are actually seeing are fifty smaller countries, each
with their own history, their own geographic boundaries, and their own natural government.
America the words “state” and “nation” are interchangeable.
Thus, the “interstate commerce clause”
can also be read as the “international commerce clause” and “Ohio State Bank” can also be read
“Ohio National Bank”.
For their mutual benefit, these independent small countries banded together and formed the
union called The United States of America and they delegated their international jurisdiction (also
known as “territorial jurisdiction”), both on the land (organized as Federal Postal Districts) and on the
sea (organized as US Districts) to it.
union of sovereign states called “The United States of America” holds and
all their combined international “powers”.
The United States of America then delegated nineteen of these international powers to the
British-backed United States organization, lodged in the District of Columbia.
Neither of these organizations were incorporated originally. Each had its own population and its
own geographical territory.
This was the practical result of The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783, which
describes the two populations as “the free, sovereign and independent people of the United States”
and the “inhabitants”
—British citizens— who remained behind after the
War of Independence to
provide “essential government services”.
11. This arrangement resulted in two Constitutions — one in 1787 called “The Constitution for the
united States of America” that separated out the international powers of the member states and
joined them together under the auspices of The United States of America (unincorporated), and one
in 1789 called “The Constitution of the United States of America” which created The United States
and its government to exercise the nineteen (19) delegated functions.
Part II
– A House Divided
This unsteady dual sovereignty endured until the so-called American Civil War—- which
never declared as a war by
the united States of America
in Congress Assembled, and it was never
ended by a peace treaty.
As such,
it was and remains an illegal commercial mercenary action on our
Following the end of the armed hostilities, a completely new incorporated entity merely calling
itself “The United States of America” (Incorporated) was launched in 1868.
Unlike the actual
unincorporated government it was deceptively named after, this was a incorporated entity like any
other. The Congress ceased acting in their public office and began functioning as a corporate Board
of Directors.
14. The effect of this was glossed over and subtle and hard for the
people to recognize, but
unlawfully converted our unincorporated government into an incorporated one, infringed on our
copyrights to do it,
and substituted a private, mostly foreign-owned
corporation in its place.
This in
turn removed the government from the land jurisdiction and dumped it in the international
jurisdiction of the sea.
15. At first this seemed to have little impact because the “federal government” and its
functions had always been
operating in the international jurisdiction anyway.
The switch from public
interest to private interest went largely unnoticed, but the pilfering and mischief began— and by
1907, “The United States of America” (Incorporated) was bankrupt.
16. Shortly before this, a series of Supreme Court cases known collectively as the “Insular Tariff”
cases allowed the incorporated Municipal United States to expand its franchises into the
geographically defined states.
So when The United States of America (Incorporated) went bankrupt
in 1907, its functions were immediately picked up by yet another version called “the” United States
of America (Incorporated).
This second version — another private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation
— was bankrupted in its turn, first, internationally, by treaty among the G-5 nations in 1930 at the
Geneva Conventions, and then domestically in 1933 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
18. This left us with two bankrupt foreign federal governmental services corporations, one called
“The United States of America” (Incorporated)
and another called “the United States of America”
and they conveniently named us and our states as the Sureties for their debts—-so
that our land was held as collateral for the debts of The United States of America, Inc. until that
bankruptcy settled in 1953, and our labor and private property was conscripted and held as collateral
for the debts of “the” United States of America, Inc., until that bankruptcy settled in 1999.
Part III
– The
Filthy Bastards
19. During the bankruptcy of both of these incorporated entities, more fun and games ensued with
new incorporated
entities that merely moved into town and “assumed”
the vacated service contracts
owed to us under the actual Constitution
— enter the UNITED STATES (INC) and USA (Inc.).
One, the
UNITED STATES (INC.) being a Municipal corporation organized in France and the other, the USA, Inc.,
being a Territorial corporation organized in Puerto Rico— and both being foreign to us and to our
states and having no proper contract or affiliation with us whatsoever.
20. In international jurisdiction it is possible to act as a “successor to contract” and to “assume” a
contract, so long as nobody objects, and since nobody
but the perpetrators of this system knew
what was going on at the time, nobody objected.
21. Now, as of May 2015, the UNITED STATES, (INC.) is in Chapter 7 Liquidation and as of this year,
the USA, Inc., is in Chapter 11 Reorganization.
22. It is the obvious plan of the perpetrators
to pull the same tricks again and make the clueless
Americans pay for it all. As preparation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was incorporated under the
municipal (city-state) auspices of the United Nations to take over the lucrative governmental services
contracts of the bankrupt UNITED STATES (INC.) and a new territorial entity calling itself “Republic
United States” has been formed as a Nevada Corporation.
Still more contenders have been formed
off-shore, including a new thing out of Costa Rica calling itself “The United States of America” (Inc.—
again.) and The Unity States of America (Inc.) and so on.
During this time period, American babies were seized upon as chattel backing the debts of these
corporations under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit and deliberately misidentified as the
progeny of unwed Mothers surrendered as wards of the incorporated “STATES”. Their worldly goods–
the copyrights to their Names, their land, their homes, their bodies, and even their souls–
“securitized” and traded as assets and
were presumed to be “donated” to benefit the
incorporated “States of States”, while they themselves were deemed to be paupers and
incompetents and slaves owned by these respective commercial corporations.
24. These gross criminal acts of personage and barratry against innocent civilian populations, fraud
and breach of trust with respect to international treaties, violation of commercial contracts,
identity theft, unlawful conversion, acts of inland piracy against their employers,
press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement and other crimes perpetuated against the American states
and people have provided a vast and insurmountable public record of infamy and led to the demand
that these corporations be liquidated as crime syndicates operating on our shores.
25. We note that these activities continued on despite objection and evidence and regardless of
which political party was in power.
They continued even after they were prosecuted and given Notice
under international law.
Many of these crimes have been internationally outlawed for centuries and
some are capital level war crime offenses.
These crimes have been committed against Americans at
home, and at the same time, the same perpetrators have committed these and similar crimes “in our
names” while
claiming to represent us abroad.
Part IV
— We Wake Up and Return Home
26. In 1998, things conspired so that some Americans woke up.
Commander Russell Gould seized
the Title IV Flag abandoned in the wreckage of the bankruptcy settlement of “the United States of
America” (Inc.)
and re-entered it in the United Nations.
He also re-opened the actual Post Office in
Philadelphia. Meanwhile, my husband and I served Notice to the Governors of the “States of States”
and the Internal Revenue Service and the Queen and the Pope, objecting to the fraud and criminality
and Breach of Trust involved in all of this.
27. For the next ten years we privately pursued Due Process and continued to give Notice to all
parties concerned and conducted the necessary research and discovery to determine and
demonstrate both Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract with respect to us and our
states of the Union.
28. In 2008, our complaints were heard by the Vatican Chancery Court and a determination made by
Benedict XVI in our favor and efforts to remedy began, including a Final Order defining once and for
all the naming conventions and tax statuses of all the “named vessels” involved in this chicanery.
29. By 2011, we had re-opened our Federal Postal District Courts and began the final series of Due
Process presentations throughout the land jurisdiction occupied by our sovereign unincorporated
In April 2014, we issued Final Judgment of Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Contract.
We gave international Notice and Due Process to all Principal Parties and many, many agents and
On November 4,
2015, we issued new Sovereign Letters Patent, and on November 6, 2015,
inclusive Sovereign Letters Patent
a Joint Declaration of Sovereignty together with the American
Athabascan and Lakota Sioux Nations.
By so doing we preserved our actual Constitution and chose
new “federal” partners indigenous to this country. This was again given full Due Process and
international Notice.
32. We solicited and processed claimants from all fifty land jurisdiction states competent to inherit
the land as heirs and as representatives of the people, jural assembly members, and members of
their respective state militias going back before the so-called Civil War and most before the War of
Independence. These Americans also signed paperwork making their political status explicit and
placed it on the public record, so that there can be no doubt that all fifty land jurisdiction states are
occupied and possessed by lawful heirs.
33. On January 6, 2017, we issued a series of Private Sovereign Indemnity Bonds securing the claims
of the American states and people as Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders
against the UNITED STATES and all of its various franchises including the STATES OF STATES, and also
against the USA, Inc. and its franchises including the States of States.
34. Also on January 6, 2017, we issued a Payment Bond and lodged it with the Vatican Chancery
Court, which is the bank for the Holy See,
and redeemed all the Named and NAMED entities
35. We, the American states and people, are the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest
Holders of all Municipal governments and all Territorial governments and all the various corporations
formed under the auspices of these governments worldwide.
Part V — A Brief Practical Explanation of the Circumstance
36. Two dreadful World Wars had left the entire Earth suffering and demolished. In 1945, simply
cleaning up the wreckage seemed an insurmountable task and unbearable expense for most of
Europe and much of the Far East.
37. The U.S. Army never stood down and the American states and people were “presumed upon” and
never allowed to return to peacetime status.
Our factories were never re-tooled, our taxes were
never relieved, our entire country and its resources were pushed to the uttermost for decades after
1945 to rebuild and finance the rebuilding of the entire world.
38. This is why we have been worked like animals and enslaved and imposed upon for eighty years–
to rebuild after the World Wars.
Now, when it comes time to pay us back, the actual debtors— all the many foreign countries of
Europe and around the world, can’t afford to pay us back. The debts are astronomical, in the
quadrillions of dollars.
40. So
all these “incorporated” municipal
and territorial franchise governments doing business as, for
example, “JAPAN” and “Japan”,
have all quietly, by treaty again, declared bankruptcy to discharge all
this accumulated debt.
41. That is fine enough. We are wise enough to know about blood and turnips. And we didn’t rebuild
the world to lord it over our neighbors or destroy it again with another stupid war over money.
However, there are some issues that cannot and won’t be ignored.
42. The perpetrators of these plans and circumstances set it up so that we have not been
We, the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders have been
studiously left in the dark, with the expectation that we would not step forward and tell the world
these facts, which would then allow the international banks to act as Secondary Creditors and claim
our assets as “abandoned property”.
43. It isn’t bad enough that everyone involved planned with malice aforethought to borrow all this
money and labor and resources from us and then claim bankruptcy, but they further planned to
make false claims on abandonment and steal everything that belongs to us naturally, adding an
insurmountable insult to already ripened injury.
44. So as we take our rightful place as the lawful and only true and actual government left standing,
and settle our claim as the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders of virtually
every government and every incorporated business on this planet, we have this to say—- it’s our
right and obligation to do justice and grant mercy, to live up to the best that America can be and turn
our backs on what it has been mis-represented to be— but our assets are ours and they are not
45. Finally, we say, this system is at an end. We have published our conditional acceptance and told
both THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the Republic United States and all the other wannabe
Successors to Contract, thanks but no thanks.
Any services we receive, we receive on a limited and
transitional month by month basis and we allow no assumption of contract beyond that.
We have
made our arrangements and we are conducting our own business, restoring the lawful government
and the Public Law pending action to call a Continental Congress into session.
Part VI
America’s Hereditary Head of State
46. In 1087 A.D. William of Normandy died and made his senior nobles, relatives of his from
Normandy who made the Norman Conquest possible, “free sovereigns in their own right” in England.
This is known as The Settlement of the Norman Conquest.
The Belle Chers —Anglicized to
“Belcher”– were among those so honored.
47. A little
more than a hundred
years later, they were among those who created and enforced the
Magna Carta.
48. By 1609, they were among the first men to enter Boston Harbor and begin building the city.
49. By 1776, they were lawyers and neighbors of John Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts.
50. They were also officers in the Continental Army; William Belcher was a Colonel who fought in the
Battle of White Plains and other engagements. He was also a free sovereign in England, having Elder
Title, and outranking King George.
51. When The United States of America was formed to hold all the powers of the individual states in
international jurisdiction and subsequently to delegate some of those powers to The United States,
there had to be a Head of State to hold and exercise the “reserved powers” — those powers in
international jurisdiction that were retained by the American states and people and not delegated
52. The Head of State had to be a sovereign in his own right, and hopefully, someone who
understood and supported the American vision.
William Belcher was put forward by John Adams as a
solution to the problem and his family Coat of Arms was thus employed to create both The Great Seal
of the United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States.
Every American ship and “vessel” in trade or commerce that has set sail on the High Seas and
Navigable Inland Waters since then has operated under his sovereignty and his seal.
54. James Clinton Belcher is the lawful heir and progeny of William Belcher and right-wise enabled to
wield The Great Seal in whatever capacity and manner he chooses in international jurisdiction.
55. Though an artist by trade and fully loathing politics of all kinds, he has stepped forward in this
hour of need to exercise those powers vested in him as the lawful Head of State owed to this country
and has brought forward the claims of the American states and people as the Priority Creditors and
Paramount Security Interest Holders in the worldwide bankruptcy, and he has also provided for their
defense against false claims of abandonment, and provided evidence that their land and homes,
businesses, and bodies are not chattel and not voluntarily standing as sureties for the debts of the
UNITED STATES (INC.) and USA, Inc. which have abused their employers and benefactors, trespassed
and infringed upon our copyrights, plundered our national trust, and done so under conditions of
fraud and deceit.
56. By posting the Private Registered Indemnity Bonds covering all the actual states and people and
by posting the Payment Bond redeeming all the Names and NAMES of these vessels, we have
necessary to reclaim and release the assets, set aside the debts, and restore
lawful government to the entire world.
57. We have also rebutted all claims that we voluntarily abandoned, declaimed, or traded away our
birthrights for petty considerations.
The governments of the world for the past 150 years have been run as crime syndicates with all the
terrible results that we now see, but we have the opportunity as the Priority Creditors and Paramount
Security Interest Holders to put an end to the evil that has been and give birth to the good that can
Please share this information far and wide and let it be passed on and passed out and understood by
everyone in every corner and nation.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
See this article and over 700 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.com

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