Urgent Public Message for President Trump from Judge Anna

Everyone--- pay attention.

Last year on January 20, 2017, President Trump 

took his Oath of Office.

An Office in the Territorial Government is a Public Trust.

Trusts do not become law for a year and a day.

His Office, his Trust, would have become law 

on January 21st of this year--- but that didn't happen,

because Chuck Schummer contrived to shut down 

the government for three days at precisely the critical time.

This is called "breaking the continuity of the evidence".

As a result, nothing that President Trump did during 

his entire first year in Office, all the laws and

Executive Orders and Directives he signed---- 

technically didn't cure.

Now, either he did this to himself because he wanted to

void out mistakes made during the first year

of His Presidency, or, far more likely, 

the Dems saw their opportunity to "win" by technicality

and arescheming to invalidate everything he has done 

and everything he will do this next year and after----

just by sitting back and not telling him 

that his Office never cured.

These are very devious, very skillful, very evil men 

he is dealing with, people who have been trained

in the black arts and ecclesiastical law.

He truly is contesting with Evil in High Places, so it is

important that the "Good Witches" and "White Hats"

surround him and educate and warn him and protect him, 

just as I am doing by writing this memo today.

To counteract this, he has to re-take his Oath of Office, 

re-do the things he wants to stick--- re-sign

legislation, re-issue Executive Orders, etc.---

and begin the whole timeline over again, 

being sure tha this Office cures and is not interrupted 

by any more chicanery for a year and a day.

Thereafter, his work will stand and his term will run 

and there won't be anything that anyone can say

or do against it.

And now you all know why 

Democrat Chuck Schummer appeared to 

shut down the government forthree days 

"for no reason".
See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

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