Month: April 2018

Big News for the World

Something happened on the way to the Cotton Market in 1858 …

“The British Government and many British Peers had invested heavily in the Egyptian cotton industry, in more or less direct competition with American cotton producers — and they were losing the contest, despite the fact that the Egyptian cotton was far closer to the European markets the British hoped to dominate.

As a result, the American cotton producers had to be quashed and regulated so as to open up the European market for British-backed Egyptian cotton to take over—and the British Government and the Peerage to avoid a bath in red ink.

Not unreasonably, the American cotton producing States objected. The so-called “American Civil War” was the result.

It had nothing to do with slavery. It was not a war. It was a commercial mercenary conflict staged on our shores by the British-backed Territorial Government against the dissenting members of the States of America, which sought to leave the original Confederation of States and form one of their own…” – Anna Von Reitz 

The Not So Chosen People – The Phoenicians?

“Alternative view to mainstream Zionist Christianity that breaks down the foundation of the Bible, debunking the history of the Jews and the people of Israel. Part 1 will break down the story of Abraham exposing the fact that the Bible is not entirely about Jews and that the Jews are not God’s chosen people.” – Jewsfor Hilter Youtube Channel

Changes to expect in the gambling industry in 2018

“While online gambling isn’t confined to one country, changes which occur in a single nation can impact the entire industry. Whether it’s a change in the law, the introduction of a new game, a new real money casino, or a sports and racing betting site, or a new piece of technology, players and punters can be affected all over the world. “ – Betting Planet .Com