i didn’t lose my name all by myself, i had lots of help with that …

if i ever change my name … i think i’ll be HYMN … parse snyntaxed with American Gin …

no one starts at the top of a hemp rope touching the ceiling … no British Kangol Hat will save you from the insults we throw at your feelings … or make the deck in your hand any MOAR worth dealing … DOES that guy over there, behind the auctioneer look like he is interested in anything you pirates on prozac have left to EXPORT …

They’re coming for your KNIVES cause you gave up yer GUNS … but what can you expect from all those PINK GUYS you bow down to in LONDUM

Cut your carrots with a spoon … with a smile all on your face … no one can deny yer the MASTER RACE … #RetardedBritishLogic



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