Intellectual Property theft racketeering syndicate operating in 146 nations around the world ?

“UK Concept Innovator Charles Seven validates the experiences of Rainetta Jones, who contacted Charles Seven as a result of Seven’s public outreach. In this Panel, Rainetta Jones recounts how her Intellectual Property in the iPod and the Kindle were created subsequently stolen and she became targeted by an international targeting syndicate. As part of the theft of Rainetta Jones’ Intellectual Property in the iPod and Kindle, Rainetta became a targeted individual in the same way as occurred to Charles Seven under SevenGate.” NewsInsideOut.Com blocked Alfred Lambremont Webre’s Video has blocked Alfred Lambremont Webre’s ExopoliticsTV for exposing the cover-up by British prime minister May and her government of an ICC-prohibited crime-against-humanity committed on the grounds of the British Parliament.

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This link was Unlawfully removed by in violation of its Terms of Service, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as Signed & Ratified by the British Government, the First Amendment to the US Constitution; Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms; UN Declaration of Human Rights; Millennial copyright and other applicable law. ExopoliticsTV,, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd hereby assert all rights, claims and damages as against, the British Government and other co-conspirators. May 7, 2018.

This Is the BIG ONE!

The Fourth Maxim of Commercial Law is crucial. It establishes the Due Process of Commercial Law by demanding that someone stick their neck out and declare their responsibility for telling the truth to the court by providing an affidavit.
TRUTH IS EXPRESSED IN THE FORM OF AN AFFIDAVIT. (Lev. 5:4-5; Lev. 6:3-5; Lev. 19:11-13: Num. 30:2; Mat. 5:33; James 5: 12).
I have not had much respect for Commercial Law and haven’t studied it a whole lot, mostly because I noted years ago that it was broken. It doesn’t work the way it should.
Specifically, #affidavits
affidavits don’t work.
The courts ignore them.
Now, almost by accident, I know why and it is so simple, it’s stupid.
First, via the “US Citizen” political status fraud, the vermin re-defined us as “decedents” — that is, people who willingly declined their birthright estate.
Next, they “enfranchised” us — created multiple business entities and public trusts and public utilities named after us
— all that remained on the public record were incorporated entities: JOHN DOE, JOHN M. DOE, and JOHN MARK DOE, and it was these incorporated entities that the courts addressed.
So by enfranchising us, the demons both subjected us to commercial law and rendered us helpless under it.
Quote my new BFF, Magnus….
The Undeniable Fact That Artificial Entities (Corporations) Cannot Take Oaths, TheyCannot Make  Affidavits. See, E.G., In Re Empire Refining Co.,
1 F. Supp. 548, 549 (Sd Cal. 1932) (“It Is, Of Course, Conceded That A Corporation Cannot Make An Affidavit In Its Corporate Name. It Is An Inanimate
Thing Incapable Of Voicing An Oath”); Moya Enterprises, Inc. V. Harry Anderson Trucking, Inc., 162 Ga. App. 39, 290 S.E.2d 145 (1982); Strand Restaurant Co. V. Parks Engineering Co., 91 A.2d 711 (D.C. 1952); 9a T. Bjur C. Slezak,
Fletcher Cyclopedia Of Law Of Private Corporations § 4629 (Perm.
Ed. 1992) (“A Document Purporting To Be The Affidavit Of A Corporation Is Void, Since A Corporation Cannot Make A Sworn Statement”) – (Footnote Omitted). Rowland V. California Men’s Colony • 506 U.S. 194, 203 (1993).”
And he is absolutely correct!
This, at last, is why there has been no remedy and no hearing for the victims of this fraud scheme.
Commercial law can’t work without an affidavit, and incorporated entities — public trusts and public transmitting utilities — can’t issue affidavits. End of story.
We were totally boxed in, so that the judge couldn’t even hear us.
We had no recourse, and only the “appearance” of justice.
They let us talk and run the meter, charged us for their “service”—
and left us without any possible relief.
The Bar Association Members — British Merchant Marine Shipping Clerks — colluded with the politicians and the banks to set up the Perfect Crime, an ultimate Identity Theft Scheme that rendered the victims voiceless and helpless and without recourse.
It’s almost funny when you finally see it— a real guffaw-worthy sleight of hand, something so preposterous, so obvious, and yet — unless you had cause to think about both the identity theft and this particular bit of commercial law, you’d never put it together.
Everyone ever issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE has been trafficked, impersonated, and defrauded. Every such PERSON ever addressed by one of these COURTS has suffered barratry and been subjected to a foreign jurisdiction and form of law, within which they were specifically disabled and unable to defend themselves.
No more filthy, repugnant, criminal scheme, nothing more unjust, despicable, cynical —- and in the end, cowardly, can be imagined.
They attacked little babies in their cradles and used a petty,
pathetic scheme like this to steal them blind and enslave them for life.
Even I am stunned.
But there it is, and there you have it.
We have come full circle at last.
In the end, this is all that anyone needs to know — what they did and how they did it.
That, and the realization of how many million— nay, billions— of innocent people have suffered because of it. ” – AnnaVonReitz

“Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

So now we are being treated to the spectacle of “UN Commissioners” disguised as County Commissioners arriving on our soil to tell us how to live our lives and how high to jump — except for one important fact.

A Letter to the People of the British Isles — From Everyone Else Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz
“We’ve said some harsh things about your government in recent days and you may be feeling a bit “off” about it and as if you are being beaten about the head and ears when you’ve already borne about all that you can take.
Your government is always — literally always— at the bottom of every stinking deal, every political faux pas, every act of aggression. Always. And we here in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, India, Mainland Europe and just about anywhere on the planet have suffered for it.
Perhaps more to the point, so have you.  The same crazy, Hell-bent, war-mongering, profit-mad British Government has done as much and more damage to all of you.
Before they sold us out, they sold you out.
The government discovered that it could glom onto private property if the owners were “dead, presumed missing” — and profit itself from their property as long as the victims and their relatives failed to show up and reclaim their assets.
So, when Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert and her moral compass along with him, she listened to Benjamin D’Israeli instead of William Gladstone, and initiated the modern day plague of enslavement via secretive corporate “enfranchisement”.
As a Mafiosi Godfather who befriended me and shielded me in my youth once observed, “What’s the one contract you can’t break?”
He smiled and continued— “The one you don’t know exists!”
And that is precisely where we — until recently — and all of you, are.