Alex Jones opens up to Patrick Bet-David on Valuetainment

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“Alex Jones was banned because he promoted conspiracy theories about: 1) a push for a global government. 2) corruption in the cia and fbi 3) unhealthy levels of chemicals in our water systems 4) that he would be banned from social media 5) there is massive corruption in government 6) there is a shadow government 7) there is a push for a one world digital currency 8) the media is trying to control the narrative 9) there is sometimes government involvement in national crisis 10) hillary clinton was a crook 11) social media has an agenda 12) google and facebook have deep cia ties and get paid to control a narrative 13) hollywood has deep cia ties and get paid to push a narrative 14) obama was bush 2.0 15) the global banking system is corrupt and runs the world behind the scenes 16) the vatican is corrupt with pedophilia 17) communist china is influencing american society and politics far too strongly 18) the american government has run false flags. 19) george soros pays groups to push globalism 20) that the government is recording everything and we live in a surveillance state. 21) child abuse was rampant in child protective services cps. 22) that someone was going to blow up the wtc and blame it on another ” – gaijan geisha

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