About “Forclosure”

a simple plan to get the ‘upper’ hand ?

#fuckthevatican The Vatican Corporation which is the umbrella UNDER which all other corporations reside could end this with the stroke of the pen backed by the 13 shit for brain idiot bloodlines ruling this fixer upper planet that no  higher entities wish to have any part of because of their GREED and MALICE and MATRIX GAMES to ensure they are the owners of the coupe de ville at the bottom of every cracker-jack box … #FuckThePuppetMasters #FuckTheBlackPope #FuckTheWhitePope #FuckTheNonsense

when your chain of incompetence breaks … blame it on your incompetent Gods … you pathetic inbred idiots …

“Most people don’t have a lot of extra time or money or energy for fighting court battles they can’t win in foreign jurisdictions that are stacked against them in courts that literally work for “the other side” in blatant conflict of interest. So here is a bit of timely, simple to do, and simple to grasp advice: ” – cont’d