How Many Times Can 6 Million Jews Die ?

How many times can you look the other way when the facts are staring you in the face …

How many times will you let a Bankrupt Nanny State Corporation tell you what is acceptable content for discussion and debate ?

Sexy Jewish Belly Dancers Are Not Included In This Video … And, the last time we checked their were no instructions teaching 6th graders the proper way to put a condom on a banana … ((( 6 million more links HERE …)))  minimal proof of PRESSTITUTES spreading Paranoia for profits has been alive and well longer than the 1920’s photo of your grandmother dancing topless in Chicago … and that’s a fact – because she said so !

Pray all you pathetic bugs stop thinking you can control this website … it would save on bandwidth and bullets ! OMG ! What did you just hear ? Who ? Really ?

understand the numbers significance ?