The N.W.O – A.I. Esalen Connection


First thought – “At the end of the research and investigation to find new and improved ways of CONTROLING other’s … the researchers and investigators discovered … the more attention you pay to that which is above or below you WEAKENS the core of of anyone who partakes of such interdimensional communications … The only thing such investigations really proved is that just as much nonsense exists among the spirit world as exists in the here and now … and attempting to define things as ONE only weakens the SOLID individual uniqueness of the INDIVIDUALS we actually are … Being torn between 2 lovers has never made any one stronger or happier in any way … Being torn between 6 billion clones … well … good luck with that one … “

Second Thought – “It is far more difficult, but much more rewarding at the end of any equation, to be yourself, if you can find yourself in the WEB of NWO new age BS and lies … and if you’re lucky enough to find a few good friends and perhaps one true lover that resonates with you, consider yourself lucky and realize that LESS is often MORE.”