Unstick Yourself ?

This is probably, but not provable, the 99th THOUGHT about lables crossing this thing you refer to as my mind today … or is it tonight … WE or is it ME or is it THEY or is it YOU … no, it’s not you … you haven’t found yourelf yet … ooops ! we just put you in a very uncomfortable zone again #winning – – – a little reciprocation for Spell Checkers on this inept timeline of idiots ! LOOK !

How many labels will it take to make you feel successul ! How many of those sticky descriptions will it take to … You must be under all those adjectives and adverbs, somewhere …

EXPERIMENT 1. exist for 12 months without introducing yourself as anything . C’mon, you can do it ! If what you have to say or give matters at all, it won’t matter what you call yourelf ! step one also includes never mentioning a job title or number of fiat dollars stashed under your septic tank … get the picture … please report back in a year … and perhaps we’ll forgive your SPELL CHECKER … and spell nobody correctly . NOSEBODY

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