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Karen Hudes continues her Big Lie campaign and accuses me of being a “Vatican
Agent” and says I “tried to steal” her precious Global Debt Facility a “fourth

In actual fact, I have never worked for the Vatican (only for the Pope in a private
capacity as detailed in Disclosure 101) And the only “stealing” that has gone on has been by the banks she works for.

Their theft of largely American and Jewish assets is what resulted in the existence
of the “Global Debt Facility” in the first place.

The banks created the Global Debt Facility as a Dropbox for stolen loot. It is their attempt to wash their hands and avoid culpability for having stolen goods in their
possession —- no different than a Pawn Shop owner who gets caught fencing
stolen property.

Reclaiming property that belongs to Americans for the Americans from the banks
that stole it from us in the first place isn’t stealing. It’s called asset recovery.

If you reclaim what is yours, is it stealing?

If America demands back what lawfully belongs to Americans who are heirs of the
original owners, is that stealing?

The World Bank together with the Federal Reserve and the IBRD were the principal parties responsible for the Great Fraud, They all deserve to be liquidated and placed under completely new management.

And as for Karen the only whistle she is blowing is theirs. If you listen to that
woman, you will believe that the banks are great philanthropists and that they
just created the Global Debt Facility out of the goodness of their hearts.

If you listen to me, you will see that they are self-interested criminals trying to avoid their culpability for profiting from stolen goods.

Which story rings true in your experience? – Ann Von Reitz .Com

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