Chemtrailing’ the atmosphere to ‘save’ the planet?

(Natural News) Many of us here at Natural News never thought this day would come: The day when the mainstream media finally decided to tell the truth about the existence of “chemtrails,” But while it’s now open knowledge that chemtrails are real, the public still isn’t being told the truth about their actual purpose. Intentionally blocking out the sun… Continue reading Chemtrailing’ the atmosphere to ‘save’ the planet?

Trump Proposes Worldwide ‘Truth’ Network To Counter CNN’s “Unfair, False” Reporting?

Imagine That ! Imagine that again ... slower ... Imagine A War Of Imaginations ! Imagine What Will Happen If The Popcorn Machine REALLY Was Made In China And Really Can Understand Russian & 180 Other Languages ! Imagine What HAPPENS if He builds that all by himself only to have SOUTH POLE Annie Knocki… Continue reading Trump Proposes Worldwide ‘Truth’ Network To Counter CNN’s “Unfair, False” Reporting?