Did American Citizens launch their own OCTOBER SURPRISE?

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“Great report by AIM. Writ of Mandamus document presented to Supreme Court regarding election fraud. Voting machines controlled by Mitt Romney and Soros and GHW Bush now proven beyond any doubt, and the need for paper ballots as mandatory at all voting stations. The truth about the Atlantic Council and Mark Zuckerberg and FB and their control over the internet now being implemented in China. Optech is the software being used to control all of these elections. This is indictable evidence that cannot be ignored by the justices on the Supreme Court. The SES, shadow government, is totally exposed by this mandate. All states will have to comply by providing paper ballots and not voting machines. All citizens are encouraged to report any witnessed election fraud. Mike Pence cannot cover this up as it is now on the Supreme Court docket. Hillary has been the digital Queen thanks to Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg and China and George Soros, and sir Nick Clegg, all are now exposed for their crimes. Trump is ahead of them now and their corruption is totally exposed. Hillary having stolen many patents is also totally exposed for her crimes and this cannot be ignored.” Sandy Greco comment #Aim4Truth American Intelligence Media




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