Corporate Fictions Oject To Matters With Pens & Papers

“From The Vatican – all the way down to the Individual LLC – all objections to Fraud and Deception of Contracts done via the written word MUST  be interpreted as equal to RIOTING IN THE STREETS” – Zippy Do Da Day Say

“When one adds up the ball park guesstimated sum totals of all people OBJECTING via the written word – to all of the written word contractual deceptions of ROME – since the settlement of Jamestown 400 years ago – One can easily visualize an entire library with millions of books, articles, lyrics, movies and all other forms of imparted, T-R-A-N-S-M-I-T-T-E-D objections against the THE EVIL SHAPESHIFTING VATICAN TRICKSTERS – and should be contemplated and discerned as an army of BILLIONS of Protestors and Objectors” – Say Day Da Do Zippy

‘Mankind, in general, seeks peace … From the top to the bottom … but when the WRITTEN WORD is ignored or seen as less of a protest than the physical … and when the metaphysical is ignored Empires self implode and crumble … NOT because THE PEOPLE SPEAKING DOG LATIN NEED TO WAKE UP.” –  Sender Returned From Bender SRFB

To all Leaders in the World and on the Earth … You ignore common sense and written objection of previous and current generations at your own peril and demise in this new age … it is the Leaders that need the WAKE UP CALL … Tothepoint Shorty

How many more WRITTEN OBJECTIONS will it take to make clear that – YOUR FRAUD of turning living breathing people into credits and debits and assets for your own twisted evil greedy ends will no longer be tolerated or ignored. – Soonenuffers

The earth requires 100 billion more people, not less, to love it back to life – and when that happy number is reached, Mother Earth will expand to accomodate 100 billion more … so fuck your Georgia Guidestone Bullshit … The good people of earth will celebrate when the million Arrogant Idiots who think their shit doesn’t stink, get turned into fertilizer. That will be real progress.” – Funwither Troopz

“The God of Words is not Supreme … but, since he’s the one you created to justify your fraud, he’s also the one who will destroy you with your own broken contracts and illusions of supremacy.” – We Who Hoe