We have no greater enemies than our supposed friends and trustees.

Letter of Notice and Demand to the Pope and Elizabeth II

By Anna Von Reitz

Fourth November 2018

Your Holiness, Your Majesty:

We all start to read with the letter “A”…..and in the same way, we all start our understanding with

certain key concepts.

If the key concepts are flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue, then all that follows afterward is similarly flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue.

This is why the crime of fraud knows no statute of limitations.

This is why contracts all fail upon the first defect certain key concepts.

If the key concepts are flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue, then all that follows afterward is similarly flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue.

In this case, people have been taught to think of that THING in Washington, DC as their beloved
“government of the people, for the people and by the people”, but in fact, “the federal government”
is an interlocking trust directorate of foreign corporate interests merely in the business of providing

“governmental services” for profit.

Since 1860, there has been no counter-balance to provide

the intended checks-and-balances on their power.

This is the first defect

The contract between the American States and People and the “federal government” was broken in 1860, but they were left uninformed by their remaining Territorial and Municipal partners.

In fact, those same partners who owed them Good Faith and Good Service deliberately hid the situation and profited themselves from the circumstance instead.

It’s the same situation as if Ma Bell and Verizon knocked off their competitors and formed a cooperative venture to bilk the public silly and then split the monopoly profits.

The British Territorial United States and the Holy Roman Municipal Government have secretively colluded to the same ends.

This is why London and Rome are on the top of the list for demolition, if we cannot secure a right
and proper understanding of what their leadership’s obligations with respect to The United States of

America (Unincorporated) always were and still are.

Once FDR’s Inaugural Speech is “decoded” from Federal-speak to actual unimpaired English, all his malice and deceit and his true intentions are revealed and can be matched up against the results we have in fact experienced.

What he actually said was that he would take our lives and property as gifts —voluntary donations

We, the living people of this country, don’t operate under commercial law.

We were all clearly standing as men and women in 1860 and in 1933 and not operating under commercial law then, either.

So all claims and cobbled together evidence to the contrary are simply self-interested crime.

It isn’t until we object that it becomes a crime?

We have objected, both individually and en masse.

Our lawful government objects.

Our States object.

Our People object.

And as our Will in these matters has been clearly published and on the public record for over 200 years, there is no plausible excuse for any of what has gone on here.

So, Whitehall and Rome, here is our objection:

Not only do we object, we repudiate in all respects all of your presumptions from 1860 onward, including all the Birth Certificates that you have issued to profit yourselves.

The profits of all this infamy must be returned to the rightful government and for the benefit of the rightful owners –our States and our People– and absolutely no presumption of ownership of these vessels by any foreign commercial corporation is allowed.

Release every single American from these repugnant presumptions

We trust that this Notice and Demand is clearly stated.

FDR simply “converted” the court system to begin collecting on his “New Deal” —- which was in the barest sense, “I am requiring you to give me all that you are and all that you have as a gift for my

holy cause”, with both the nature of the “holiness” and the “cause” left hanging.

It was on this basis that he confiscated privately held gold from the American People.  It was on this basis that he required everyone to sign “Birth Certificates” donating our children (though we were not told this) to his corporation as chattel backing his corporate debts.  It was on this basis that he exercised the “Trading With the Enemy Act” against his employers.

All of this now has to end.

All of it, without exception.

The entire Public Charitable Trust must be returned, along with the Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utilities, the Donor Trusts, the Life Force Value Annuities— all of it. Now. 

The pretense that you are not really trafficking people with all your nonsense of incorporating and copyrighting their names has to end, too.

The American States and People did not voluntarily and knowingly acquiesce to FDR’s veiled offer.  No valid contract exists.  No excuse for it can be made.  No claim that FDR met the Standard of Law in his communications during the First Inaugural Address nor at any other time can stand.

He was not our President and did not serve this country nor its people in “Good Faith”.  Death and destruction on those who wait to deliver the relief and the remedy owed to this country and its people and to all the other countries and peoples around the world who have suffered and been
robbed by their own employees bent on criminal deceit.

We have our “A” and we know our “B”, our “C”, and all the rest of it.

The Trading With the Enemy Act does not apply to us, the American States and People, nor to our lawful Federation of States, The United States of America (Unincorporated) and never did.

It is well-past time that the Holy See and the Queen and the British Crown and the Lords of the Admiralty, all heard the legitimate government of this country tell you — bugger off. And it is time for Donald J. Trump to act as our actual Commander-in-Chief to make sure that you do so.

Take your New Deal and FDR’s corpse with you.

As for the “Democratic Party” in this country, the record of its actions as a seedbed of sedition,
criminality, and deceit speaks for itself.  It is an outlaw political lobby and is on trial for its crimes
against humanity even as we speak.

We highly suggest that people examine the actual facts surrounding the Democratic Party — its activities and voting records —and you will see for yourselves that this is literally the Party of Deceit, a political lobbying organization that has preached one set of values and delivered exactly the opposite for over a hundred years.

Your Majesty, you are under demand to remove the present “court system” and re-convert it to its lawful purposes or we will remove it permanently ourselves and never pay another penny for such “services.

Your Holiness, return all the Birth Certificates and Baptismal Certificates you have collected under
conditions of fraud and non-disclosure, together with all profit from the rents, leases, insurances,

mortgages, etc., etc.

You all must give up the pretenses of the TWEA and consider your “offer” of March 4, 1933 as finally received and firmly rejected; and may the crime of it be upon your heads if you should fail in your duty to comply with this demand to return all the citizenry of our federal states together with their assets and also all the innocent American State natives and their assets. They are all to be safely re-conveyed to our shores and replaced under the protection of our lawful government.

In the meantime, do not talk to us about the “Rule of Law” which you have yourselves breached in finality — talk about the “Rule of Mankind” and the dominion that we are all owed.

The Bills of Lading for the Estate of Yeshuah have been delivered. We expect payment on normal





































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