Your History ?

Even today in French, “elle” is the word for “she”.  And she was Eve. “Eve-El” a name that translates as “Eve, the Goddess” but became our word “evil” because Eve brought death (the opposite of our word “live”) into the world.

She confessed and repented and was punished and the Lord of Lords allowed her children to live.

In the same way we have Ba-El and He-El and Be-El and Pe-El.  These are just prefixes added to “El” as in “Elohim” — “the Gods of Heaven to Earth Come Down”.

The words “”Belles” and “Helles” and “Pelles” are all related, too.  Notice that these are, again, just prefixes — “be”, “he” and “pe” — added to “elles”, the plural of “el”, the word for”god”.

“Helles” refers to the Mycenaean Greeks.

“Pelles” refers to the Grail Kings of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.

“Belles” refers to the French Kings of Normandy.

These are all branches of Eve’s family, the family of Man-kind.

Always remember that both Eve and Satan passed the test and earned the right to rule the Earth by accepting responsibility for Original Sin. It has been a contest between their lineages ever since:

“And you shall bite their heels and they shall bruise your heads.”

The descendants of Eve are called “Man” while the descendants of Satan are called “Hu-Man”— literally, “color of Man”, but not in the sense of skin color– in the same sense as “color of law”.  They appear to be men, but are not.

This is why you should not use the word “human” to describe yourself

Obviously, you have all been told many lies and half-truths, but for my money, few are as outrageous and silly as the idea that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an early cartographer.

America was named after the Amoricans who settled Canada and the East Coast of the United States.  The Amoricans are a French Celtic tribe from the coast of Normandy and part of the Belles Family of Man.

They had lived in England and Ireland for centuries –but in fact most of the Colonists were Norman French, and many of them were Amoricans.

Amoricans are why you are Americans.

And Eve is why you are part of “Mankind” and not “Humans”

You are all quietly entering an Age of Wonders, where many things that were hidden will be revealed and much history that was lost will be found again.

At the same time, if you think about it you can see that nothing I have said is really that strange and in fact, it has been hidden in plain view the whole time.

You were told about the enmity and contest between the children of Eve and Satan.

You were told about both the Roman Conquest and the Norman Conquest of Britain.

You were told about the Founding of America.

Now you just need to think through the facts and the consequences.

November is a great time to learn and think about history. So cuddle up by the fireside and enjoy the opportunity to observe where you are and how you got here– no thanks to University Publishing. – Anna Von Reitz .Com