We, the American States and People, have been the victims of fraud.

We, the American States and People, have been the victims of fraud.

Ramses and his Heirs just had bad luck.

They ran into the Romans, remember?

And then the Romans ran into the Visigoths? (They were also
my ancestors, BTW.)  And then the Visigoths married into the French Celtic Kingdoms and that gave rise to the trans-English Channel Kingdom of Camailoth circa 500 A.D. ….. and that gave rise to William of Normandy…. who controlled both England and large sections of France…and that led to the Amoricans settling in England and Ireland and to their eventual migration to guess where?


Oh, who knew?

And as interesting as all this is, it doesn’t have a thing to do with the price of beans in China, except in terms of intellectual property rights and whatever physical assets actual heirs have been able to maintain.

Please note that Elizabeth II isn’t an actual heir to the British throne.
She’s a German married to a Greek. Go figure.

So now the children of Hiram Abiff, King of Tyre, come forward with their long, long story of how they should have the right to everything on Earth and I say– it’s just more crime and piracy. . . Anna Von Reitz .Com – cont’d link