I have been trying to finish and upload MANY videos for the past 7 months, and I have been met with extreme and absolute opposition. All my work has been REPEATEDLY corrupted, modified, and deleted…or somehow never existed. I even decided to give up entirely a few times, because this has been incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

I managed to piece back together some of the information, and I will try to complete the videos again for upload…but I didn’t want to hold on putting this video out. Unfortunately, anything I can manage to re-create and upload will be very backwards and out of order. I had wanted to upload them at the same time to limit some of the questions I know I will receive…when I know the answers are already in my other videos.

Anyway, PLEASE UNDERSTAND that this first video in coming back, is geared toward quote, unquote Christians…but don’t skip over it if you don’t think it will apply to you, because it is for ANYONE who is affected and is experiencing this in their families. Although one of my other videos will explain “why” this also applies to other groups (e.g. non-christians, atheists, agnostics, etc.)… I don’t have time to explain it here…but it is essentially because this phenomenon has nothing to do with “RELIGION” but has everything to with “GOD.”  Changing Matrix