Trump Proposes Worldwide ‘Truth’ Network To Counter CNN’s “Unfair, False” Reporting?

Imagine That ! Imagine that again … slower … Imagine A War Of Imaginations ! Imagine What Will Happen If The Popcorn Machine REALLY Was Made In China And Really Can Understand Russian & 180 Other Languages ! Imagine What HAPPENS if He builds that all by himself only to have SOUTH POLE Annie Knocki Gods Win The NEXT CORPORATE ELECTION … and…. oooooops ! That TRUTH TELLING NETWORK WAS BUILT USING SHEEPLE TAX DOLLARS … Imagine ! Imagine ! Imagine ( maybe just passing a simple law that forbids lies of omission and false flags for profit ) Do Women Still Control The World Because They Have Better Imaginations … Or Because They Are Better At Fixing Popcorn MACHINES …tune in to the USA TRUTH NETWORK TO FIND OUT THE REAL TRUTH OF THIS REALLY LOADED QUESTION ! REAL QUESTIONS !

Just a minute … There’s more to this than meets the eye ! It’s Global ! And we love all the CNN INFILTRATED COUNTRIES SO MUCH we want them to know the REAL TRUTH … (sounds a bit like another JEWISH JESUIT LETTER ‘J’ TRICK … YA THINK! )