We are not searching for Fast, or Electric, or Trains that can fly … We are searching for the WORLD’S WIDEST TRAIN Google A.I. … What? No Really Wide Slow Trains in the world? Really?

Well, how about if we put a 100 ft. wide train on top of the Great North American Solar Panel Wall … Do Ya Think it would pay for itself in a year or two …

If you have no idea what I’m talking about or designing in my DROP OUT – TUNE IN Criminal Mind … It’s probably, most likely, because you have a DEGREE to prove you’re an engineer that’s been taught to think in certain ways about certain things…

Say it ain’t so … There are all kinds of BOAT and SHIP and AIRPLANE and VEHICLE Sizes and W-I-D-T-H-S …

I, for one, don’t trust FAST passenger BLIMPS traveling faster than the speed of sound …

And I’ll bet my last dime I’m not the only one who would love to ride a big wide slow train from sea to shining sea … without ever having to get off of the train … when it stops, I can enjoy the casino, or the really big buffet or … or… or… and of course, the hotel room would be right there in the middle somewhere … with a parking lot and sun roof and all … and of course … and of course … it would be all electric …

For people that love trains ….  The REALLY BIG WIDE KIND that don’t exist … yet.

Not everyone is in a hurry !


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