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The Pharaoh Lineage “The Priest of Amon Ra and the connection to Switzerland

“According to the Documentary “The Pharaoh Show” The Crusades the last stronghold of the Templars fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 — According to the documentary, The Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded and out of the Templars came the freemasons. The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies, and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea” . . . The sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars. This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar`s flag in exactly the same colors, Santos Bonacci exposes this information…” – qltelevision









“This is the story of how a visit to the Berlin Zoo led to the discovery that its magical atmosphere is inherited from the Star Fortress that housed the city and how all world architecture to this date is designed to extract electromagnetic energy from the ether.

All this advanced technology was created, designed and built only by the now called Great Tartary Empire. Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas were part of a single High Civilization Scythian-Tartar-Arian, who mixed with the red, black and yellow races. They taught them all they knew and build one worldwide architecture entirely focused on the extraction of electromagnetic energy. This technology is the same to 7000 years.

The Tartarian architecture undergoes slight modifications and influences according to the local characteristics of climate, culture and material resources but maintains the basic principles throughout the world. It is characterized by the use of arch openings, columns, domes and towers, in addition to details such as rose windows and muqarnas, symbols of the vibration of electromagnetic energy, which acts on molecules and changes the behavior of cells. All Tartary power stations, small and large, had pipe organs to harmonize and heal the population through sound waves, what is now known as “cymatics”.

The video shows how the Parasites invading forces that defeated Tartaria appropriated their palaces and red power stations worldwide and turned it into universities, museums, theaters, banks, prefectures, chambers of commerce, stock exchange, churches, high school, courts, banks, post offices, libraries, opera theaters, biomedical research institutes, casinos and tourist attraction, as well as cathedrals, synagogues and churches of artificially created religions.

All the architecture and technology of the superior civilization of Tartary was stolen and passed into the hands of the Invaders Parasites who created the current ignorant civilization. All buildings images in this video has – or at some point had – electromagnetic energy.” – AGE OF DISCLOSURE

Sources Anatoly Fomenko “How it Was In Reality” by A.T. Fomenko, G.V. Nosovskiy… “History: Fiction or Sciente? Part 3” (video)… Cédric-Michel Leclerq Комиссар Катар Andrej Kadykchanskij “Small Encyclopedia of the Great Tartaria”…… Tech Dancer “Уничтожение свободной энергии на континентах”… Philipp Druzhinin… Людин Рɣси…


The Letter ‘J’

The God’s we believe in are every bit as true as they are mythological if thoughts and intentions create reality … Thank God your God doesn’t exist if I’m not observing him ! Ya’ Think !

Seriously … IF even half of this new science being revealed today is factual … then it would explain why JESUS spelled with a ‘J’ is every bit as real and powerful as Lucifer spelled with an ‘L’  ….

In fact, the WORD connections that any religious groups use to describe their version o f God would have to be considered real … ( if observed )

IF observations of imagination solidifies intention … and the arenas above and below consent to, and enjoin such observations …

Just because a group of people are considered ‘programmed’ by the WORDS in their DNA MATRIX – in no way, shape or form makes their matrix any less ‘real’  than the so called ‘thinkers’ who assume sheeple reality must be less real than their own … ( because it’s less complicated? ) using the same exact methods of manifestation  … albeit with more entangled concepts … and words that cost $50 in their corporate construct … which is also just as REAL … even though it is more expensive and time consuming to maintain it … etc …

In a nutshell … one can never assume an unobserved reality isn’t real, just because they are not observing it …


The same language and magic we use to create TRUTH is the same language and magic that also LIMITS and prevents us from accepting other’s TRUTH as equal to our own.

All major Western Religions based on BOOKS are divided because they have allowed themselves to be conquered and limited by WORDS. The gods they create for themselves could not exist without WORDS.

Just because the letter ‘J’ didn’t exist 2,000 years ago is no reason to think a Son of God named Jesus doesn’t exist in 2018  …

Instead of trying to prove things TRUE or FALSE … We’d be better off asking ourselves HOW things become real … above and beyond all 5 sense scientific calculations and understandings of reality.

This would lead to a better understanding of how all prayers can be answered in different languages, religions, time periods and constructs.



What Is Important About December 5th?

by Anna Von Reitz

It’s the anniversary of the murder of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Let’s begin with a few facts: the Ancient Religion that the bankers follow is not Judaism. We call it Satanism in the modern day, but Satan is another name for earlier anti-deities of the male gender, and what it all comes down to is that these people worship duality and use sex as a sacrament.

As a result, there is a male and a female, a positive and a negative, to everything they do– and they actually believe that if things get out of balance things will fall apart into utter chaos and destruction. This is also the root of their fascination with accounting and accounting ledgers and keeping everything balanced at all times.

But what happens when everything becomes incredibly unbalanced?” cont’d

Bank Trustees are Fall Guys.

“The banks use bank trustees as “fall guys” and “flak jackets” and “insulation”. They appoint bank trustees to run interference and take the heat, while keeping the bank at arm’s length from transactions and decisions made about trust assets kept on deposit with the banks. Via their relationship (that of an employer) with the Bank Trustees, the bank keeps de facto control of everything, while shuffling off the liability.

The bank President can stand there with a straight face and say, “Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn’t know anything about Mr. Greene’s dealings with the XRYT Trust. That was, uh, his responsibility.” AnnaVonReitz.Com – cont’d Fall Guys

Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men – By Anna Von Reitz

“Numerous people keep asking me about the late David-Wynn:Miller and about Parse Syntax and related subjects, so here’s the long and short of it:

Parse was an ancient attempt by the Parthians (a group of ancient Persians related to the present day Jordanians) to control their contracts with the Babylonians by equating language to mathematical principles and relationships.

David Wynn-Miller rediscovered that ancient system and attempted to bring it back into use in the modern world for the same basic purpose– to make it harder for the present day practitioners of Babylonian fakery to weasel out of, over, and around contracts made in the present era.

So far, so good.

I spent five days with Russell-J:Gould, David-Wynn:Miller’s former partner, last year and found him to be an extraordinary man. Very earnest and bright and also one who has suffered a great deal in this entire effort.

He is owed a huge debt of gratitude. However, he believes whole-heartedly that Parse is “correct” mathematically and that the interface with math and language is “the” answer.

I objected on several grounds– first, because you can lie with math just as well as words– any symbolic language is prey to that. (Russell knows and admits this, too.)

Second, I have analyzed it mathematically, and in fact, Parse is NOT correct. (This analysis came out of our meeting and we haven’t had a chance to sit down and discuss this yet, but I am sure that Russell will bow to what is True and adapt to the new insights when they are shown to him.)

Third, Parse can be abused just as “legalese” has been abused as a “special secret language” only the experts know– making it a good seed ground to continue the practice of bilking the public by the new Black Robes. (This is a concern Russell shares.)

Fourth, English is now and always has been the official language of this country, not Parse. So those who advocate and insist on the use of Parse are at best a tiny minority complaining about something that requires more than their opinion to change.” – cont’d

Mr. Trump is presently an employee of the Queen?

Why Can’t President Trump Stop This?

By Anna Von Reitz

The short answer— (1) Mr. Trump is presently an employee of the Queen who is illegally continuing to exercise our own Delegated Power against us, even after her own actions have invalidated any claim she has to do so; (2) the US NAVY which planned and directed the attack has always been under the control of British affiliates and collaborators in Switzerland and Belgium — so now you begin to see how this connects– the British have con…trol of Mr. Trump and the British protect their MUNICIPAL collaborators; (3) the USAF that allowed the attack is also under control of the Swiss-Belgain affiliates, so same story there, though Trump could remove the recently appointed Joint Base
Elmendorf-Richardson Commander for his part in this inglorious affair.

In a sane world, employees who attack their employers are considered criminals and are arrested as such. We are waiting to see if the world is sane or not.

The rest of the answer that as “President” of the United States Mr. Trump is just a corporate CEO running two big bankruptcies. – cont’d

List of Countries currently rejecting the UN Global Migration Compact 12/04/2018

List of Countries currently rejecting the UN Global Migration Compact

Quick Search Indicates 19 and growing … This list is not set in stone … But, it’s a good preview on which way the wind will be blowing in Morocco on December 11, 2018

United States
Czech Republic

non binding or not … the poison seeds of perception planted by UN incorrigible idiots need to be destroyed before they take root … don’t expect the main stream media million dollar puppets to make any meaninful list based on facts … because journalism based on easy simple facts is almost-non extistent in 2018

Why is Qatar leaving OPEC?

Qatar is leaving the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, the first Gulf country to pull out since joining more than half a century ago. Qatar plans to expand its role as the world’s number one exporter of liquefied natural gas and boost production by more than 50 percent to 110 million tonnes a year The decision to quit OPEC comes just days before a crucial meeting of members in Vienna to discuss cutting supplies. – Link – Al Jazeera English


What is Wrong with Quinn Michaels? (and other much more important topics)

Quinn Michaels hasn’t appeared on Crowdsource the Truth for several months as a result of misunderstanding that escalated beyond recovery. His recent and numerous public accusations against Jason Goodman are not only false, they are well past well past the point of being completely unacceptable. This video contains screen captures of actual text message that include FOUL LANGUAGE as well as other commentary and facts that some viewers may find objectionable. If you are one of those viewers, please do not watch. ??? Jason Goodman