You Can’t Charter Yourselves – You Can’t Be Your Own Mother.

You can’t charter yourselves for the same reason that you can’t be your own Mother.

First Thought – What you can do is realize that the simplest concepts are the hardest ones to explain, once you’ve been pre – programmed by language in a matrix designed to contradict, confound and mislead everyone… Language is the first tool of modern warfare. Reading and Writing are the basic training we all recieve… The most important thing in the Art Of War is Deception… and the more complicated life becomes, the more complicated the deception becomes… with advanced technology, the truth is harder than ever to find. In 2019 we’ll be lucky if a million people wake up… and even if 50 million people wake up to a new form of paper work … they’re still cut from the same cloth.

Second Thought – If you imagine a definition on a piece of paper filed in your ‘service providers’ criminal court system will somehow make the music sound better in the heaven that awaits the ‘meek’ who will ‘inhabit’ the realm which is maintained by a ‘Vengeful and Terrible God’ among other things … and then, in your new found humility you claim that a land that was ‘stolen from Native Americans’ now belongs to you because your freedom seeking ‘unincorporated’ ancestors were among the first English Speakers to declare it ownership of Lands they invaded with their priests, progess and magic formulas – YOU’RE JUST AS ARROGANT AS THE KINGS THEY WE’RE RUNNING AWAY FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE … but don’t let first or second thoughts confuse you … Remember, all the books and paper work in the world can’t scramble a cage free egg — with or without language … you’ll have to do that all by yourself .  Never mind if the MOTHER CHICKEN … consented to you making scrambled eggs of her potential offspring … because she doesn’t understand parse syntax or black’s law 6th edition  …

People live longer, lead happier easier lives and have more options than ever before … all around the world … the idea of the corporation, for the better or worse has indeed built the modern world and improved it in ways no PROTESTANT PILGRIM unincorporated, land based FREE SOCIETY   – ever did. And, in 2019 Incorporated entities can be held criminally liable.

Things have never been fair. Things will never be fair. All the paper work in the world won’t change that simple fact. The best we can hope for is to demand more common sense, decency and transparency from the people we elect to take care of the boring paper work part of life than REAL men and women would never dream of … because they have more important things to occupy their lives with.



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