How Can A Fictional Entity Vouch For – Or Verify – Anything For Another Fictional Entity ?

“They are blowing steam and a lot of it.

Our American Government is vested in the living people of this country. Not in commercial corporations.

And I have already shown everyone how it works” – AnnaVonReitz.Com

Note: PoinTTalkers loves AnnaVonReitz.Com for all of the amazing information filled with historical facts and proof about the way things really are according to real historical paper contracts.

The only thing we have ever doubted are the solutions offered.  APPARENTLY Anna herself may be second guessing this. Why else would she reply to SUN TZU 5 times over one little contradiction being pointed out in regards to removing yourself from one set of paper work into another …

How can one use 3 fictional people on the Federal Corporation level to VOUCH for knowing the individual wanting to change status…

Must one locate 3 individuals, who have already changed status…. to vouch knowing them for 7 years, to return to the land of … the land of … the land of … WHAT ?

The logic doesn’t add up. Fictional Corporations can’t issue ‘affidavits’ because they are meaningless.  Maybe if we locate a time machine and can transport ourselves, or what we think of as ourselves, back to 1856 we can figure it out.

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