To realize the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is no better than the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. They are both doing the work of the Globalist. The time to ignore the Beltway Political Dog And Pony Show is here.  Unless there’s something we’re missing.


How hard could it be to reset a country and it’s economic system where the playing field is fair and level and just for all people.

It couldn’t be that hard. So, why are so many smart intelligent people complicating simple solutions and tip toeing through historical nonsense and paper contracts written by men in the dark ages.

IF there was any kind of real national government who really cared about American People … The reset would happen overnight. HERE IS YOUR NEW CURRENCY. HERE IS YOUR NEW AND SIMPLIFIED RESET. Show some ID sign your name and ….

Or, hey, here’s a stack of historical paper work.  Don’t forget to record your intention in the enemies courthouse. You can trust them, can’t you.

Or, it’s so complicated we’re going to have to make new complicated agreements to rectify the old complications.

Or… we hope you love each other more after we give you all 5 acres, a pig and a new and improved version of what we know is good for you.

make sure you’re not a fictional corporation before you get three other non fictional corporate entities to vouch for little fact.  prove that you are still undivided and unconquered enough to make that little magic trick occur. . .

CONCLUSION – When the simplest things are made impossible to understand … IT’S NEVER TO BENEFIT THE ONE TRYING TO FIGURE THE COMPLICATIONS OUT.

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