Mud, Blood & Megacryometeors

The pole shifting alone would not be enough to ‘half’ destroy beautiful old stone structures all around the world …. and bury cities under meters of sediment (not all volcanic)

Pole shifting WITH giant ice cubes AKA (megacryometeors) falling from the sky … yes … there’s your occam’s razor … explanation – it also explains why men started using ELECTRIC CABLE LINES – because the same GIANT ICE CUBES could easily smash all  archictectural designs which may or may not gather electric from the atmosphere….

And, since ice doesn’t leave a trace when it melts … there’s nothing but theory to investigate.  Maybe if we ask those bison who were frozen in place with undigested food in their stomachs … (((( wake up little frozen cow, we’re bringing you back to life and teaching you to speak English before they kill you with their giant ice cubes again ! We’d like to refresh your memory and ask you a few simple questions … )))

Megacryometeor! -


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