The glory which I had with You before the world was ?

John 17:5

The bible contradicts itself in many places, but one thing is for sure … the modern definition of man under man made LAWS are all based on the bible … and don’t apply to women or blacks, etc… equally … and, there is good reason to speculate that the dominion god gave man turned a circle into a pyramid of power …. Have Christian’s all been fooled by the new testament and all the numerous contradictions it justifies ? Which God are we talking about ? Where did the books come from ? If God were a regular person would he be considered a psychopath ? What does ‘glory’ BEFORE the world was imply ? Why would a God of the infinite universe with zillions of planets give his ONLY SON to save our greedy asses ? What’s really going on ? Was your big ego created to make you a more efficient action verb ? Why is gold the most valuable metal ? Can a perfect God create something that isn’t perfect ? If things were so perfect why would an angry God destroy it with a megacryometeor flood ? Why are churches incorporated ? 


The Book of the Cave of Treasures: A History of the Patriarchs and the Kings, their Successors from the Creation to the Crucifixion of Christ (Forgotten Books)



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