The Truth Will Come Out Tomorrow

Bet your last fairy tale … there will be a song about megacryometeors – with new and improved voice over sarcasm auto tone applied – The Megacryometeor Bunker Shuffle Hope Song … Sketch 1

mud, blood & megacryometeors

megacryometeors won’t destroy

the underground upper generated joy

lightin’ up da’ bunker

for the girls and boys

we got artificial rainbows

that everyone enjoys

morphin’ songs about survial

no more stupid rivals

no more GMO bananas

no more brown grapes

we’re back on top tomorrow

and everything is great

no more skylights without curtains

growin’ pepper’s in the attic

no more lies on the news

or hybrids flashin’ static

5 acres and a real sun

are waitin’ up above

we’ll turn your water into wine

if push come to shove

we figured it out

and it all adds up

we never gave in

and we never gave up

rebuild the distilleries

and learn to ice skate

Goyim Guidestone Gliders

real leather and lace

We’ve destroyed all the traitors

hooked ’em with their own bait

these megacryometeors don’t leave a trace

Everything they destroy will be replaced

On a transparent timeline

That can’t be erased


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