The Absolute Juice! ‘The Phoney Ones’ In The Old World America’s.

“OI! This video is absolute juice. Many dots will be connected in this post, and many official historical narratives will be smashed. The discovery of two books 1889 The Phoenicians In Haiti ,Central America ,And South America. Were two ships sail the Amazon in 1840s in search of the Phoenician occupants ,which they find it mentions Giants & ongoing Earth Upheaval ( but more information is being translated). Following this golden information. We take another look at the mystery of Oak Island with a shock discovery. Also today will be presented the juice in i733 Liede atlases with mindblowing discoveries. Again if that’s not enough Feb Presents the most amazing vintage photos i’ve seen in a long while. India 1870-90 showing the best architectural device you can imagine. Plus a warning the photos show famine victims and many dead .Murdered? Looks that way. And if that’s not enough we blow your minds with the revelation that interdimensionales are underlying our realities – and whats worse – it appears to be deliberate.  Guys this video will be very juicy indeed and smashes official historial nonsense over and again. I shiteth You Not! oI! Enjoy!!” –  Martin Liedtke


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