Inventing a Religion ? Bushido ?

Where does a webmaster put information like this ? On the Conspiracy Page … On The History Page … On The Law Review Page … On The Travel Page … We don’t believe in flipping coins, but we may flip one anyway …

“How the Japanese rulers manufactured a religion to serve their own purposes, Mikado-worship. Bushido was unknown until the end of the nineteenth century! The word appears in no dictionary before the year 1900. Japan had its chivalrous people but Bushido, as an institution or a code of rules, had never existed. The Japanese ruling class built a new religion for the Japanese. The new Japanese religion of loyalty and patriotism emerged into the light of day, and the feats accomplished during the last war show that the simple ideal which it offered was capable of inspiring heroic deeds, and foul ones too. How could a foreigner imagine that people who made such positive statements about their own country were merely exploiting credulity? Onlookers had no reason to suspect, and even if they did, original sources were out of their reach. What Christians and Jews do not or will not accept is that their own religions were no less phony.” – link – Ask Why .co .uk





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