Halford Mackinder’s Heartland Theory

“Halford Mackinder’s ‘Heartland Thesis ‘ is, rightly or wrongly, one of the foundational theories of modern geopolitics. Beginning from basic assumptions about terrain’s impact on human societies, The Heartland Thesis reasons out a theory of worldwide dimensions (literally). This video attempts to sketch out the theory’s reasoning, put his thought into proper historical and political context, assess the Thesis’ recommendations and address a few criticisms of his theory.” – Strategy Stuff

Don’t let the modesty of this “little line drawing” fool you, Brotton says: It “basically created the whole notion that politics is driven to some extent by geographic issues.” The English geographer and imperialist Halford Mackinder included the drawing in a paper arguing that Russia and Central Asia constituted “the pivot of the world’s politics.” Brotton believes this idea—that control of certain pivotal regions can translate into international hegemony—has influenced figures ranging from the Nazis to George Orwell to Henry Kissinger. —- > The Atlantic

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