Buddha & Lucifer Had One Thing In Common …

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They wanted to escape from a Matrix filled with fools.  The rest is all semantics – defined by stupid rules … maintained  by a God who is short on gold = why you’re a slave … and why you do what you’re told …

The difference between Buddha & Lucifer & Every other unhappy God ? … The Big B didn’t think starting all over again, or attempting to improve anything, or chosing either side of the binary coin would get him any closer to the freedom he was seeking …

Osho said, whoever gives you a belief system is your enemy …

If their is indeed a war in heaven, above you and below you … you can be sure of one thing … Both sides come with Seals and Belief Systems attached …

Choosing the lesser of two evils has never changed the facts.

If you worship the God in the front seat and curse the God in the back seat … you’ll know what it means to be stuck between a rock and a hard spot.



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