The Murder of Reality by Pierre Sabak

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PART 1 (Chapter 1 to 17)

The Dragon and the Illuminati (1) Introduction (2) Dragon Symbolism and the Fallen Angels (3) Illuminotics (4) Semiotics (5) The Illuminati (6) The Royal Bloodline of the Dragon (7) The Royal Bloodline of the Shatani Initiatory Learning: The School of Dragon (8) Symbols (9) The Cobra and Thebes (10) Thebes and the Talmud (11) The Philosophers and the Illuminati (12) Sopher the Goddess of Knowledge (13) Lucifer and the Philosopher (14) Dragon and Angels: The Architects of Language (15) Scientists and Satanists Traditions of the Kabbalah (16) The Kabbalah (17) The Kabod

PART 2 (Chapter 18 to 25)

The Orgy Rite and the Bloodline of Thebes and Rome (18) Augustus and the Bloodline of Thebes (19) The Rites of the Orgy Dog-Star Symbolism (20) The Dog-Star (21) Apollo and the Dog-Star The Djinn, the Dragon and the Fallen Angels (22) The Djinn (Jinn) (23) The Dragon and the Eye (24) The Seraph and the Dragon Eye Symbolism (25) The Dollar Bill Symbolism

PART 3 (Chapter 26 to 36)

Eye Symbolism: (26) The Altar and the Pyramid Moloch the Goddess: (27) Horus and Moloch (28) Queen Moloch (29) Mal’akh the Angelic Sailors The Angels and the Formation of World Governments: (30) Statecraft (31) Parliament and the Shatani Firestar and the Pleiades: (32) Pleiades and the Angelic Host (33) The Pleiades (34) Electra and the Firestar (35) The Priesthood of the Pleiades Bloodline of Adam: (36) The Holy Trinity of the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius

PART 4 (Chapter 37 to 43)

The Bloodline of Adam (37) The Angelic Wars (38) Adam and Orion (39) Kadmos and Orion (40) Adam and the Neophyte The Nephilim, Anaki and Gibborim (41) The Nephilim and Orion (42) The Anaki plural the Anakim Middle Eastern Fish Deities (43) Oannes the Rapist

PART 5 (Chapter 44 to 50)

Middle Eastern Fish Deities: (44) Dagon and Oannes Isis and the Fish: (45) The Fish and the Priestess (46) The Eye and the Virgin Isis and Apophis (47) Isis the Daughter of the Foundation (Creation) (48) Apophis the Menstrual Eel Thoth the Cult of the Moon Goddess (49) Thoth and the Goddess Baal and Osiris (50) Baal and the Southern Crown of Osiris

PART 6 (Chapter 51 to 58)

Worship of Shaddai and the Sodi Priesthood (51) Shaddai and Yahweh (52) The Passover and the Reaper (53) The Sodalists and the Zaddiks The Nazir Priesthood ad the Nazis (54) The Nazir Priesthood (55) The Nazoreans (56) The Nazis and NASA Jewish and Bavarian Illuminati (57) Jarhead and Jihad (58) Mossad and the Skull

PART 7 FINAL (Chapter 59 to 69)

The Temple and the Scapegoat (59) Capitol Hill and the Goat (60) The Scapegoat (61) Atonement of the Goat Pyramidal Harems (62) Pyramidal Loin Cloths Plato’s Atlantis (63) Paradise Lost (64) Atlantis Angels, Builders and Shapeshifters (65) The Builders (66) The Angels and the Builders (67) The Dragon, Builder and Shapeshifters (68) The Changeling (69) The Emerald Tablets FINALE

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