We already did that, with complete Due Process, five (5) years ago.

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The Service Contracts

So now Thomas Deegan and Destry Payne and fake-book fake-news “Sun Tzu” have taken to championing cancellation of the Service Contract(s).

We already did that, with complete Due Process, five (5) years ago.

Their answer amounts to — five years too late — stand in the rain like turkeys and drown.

Mr. Trump has a month-to-month quid pro quo from the only people with the standing to give it to him, and that is all there is.

People who are too dim to figure out where they belong and which team jersey they should wear and what — if anything — is the Enemy besides their own ignorance, do nothing but obstruct progress toward solutions that work for everyone.

If Deegan wants to live in a hole and call himself the Fairie King, let him. If Destry wants to live his life as a Dual Citizen of “the US” and Luxembourg, let him. If Sun-Tzu wants to pretend that he is an ancient oriental military expert instead of a flakker living in Portland, well, there are stranger things.

But never doubt that I know exactly who I am and who I am not, and while I know that— know this: we are twenty years ahead of all of them and gaining steam every day. – Anna Von Reitz

Anyone Who Calls Me “Mrs. Belcher” Had Better Be Prepared…

Proof that Sun-Tzu Can’t Read and My Comment on MGJA March 16, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz


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