B R I T I S H – G A T E !

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Blame it on The Venetians !  Don’t forget to add sarcasm in your voice layover ! Don’t forget ta’ moan how many ways you can manipulate a prison planet in 6,000 years ! Don’t forget how much you love word press wine ! Don’t forget to  moan how Rome Fell in The Hay ! Don’t forget to moan 100 alternative choices if the first one isn’t working for you ! Don’t Forget We’re still asking what is Real ! Don’t forget to do as The American’s do when in Amorica ! Don’t forget to tax our links, so we can start all over again without you NWO IDIOTS in the mix !

Dr. Douglas Gabriel summarizes Venetian Bankers Come to England and reveals the secret that Italian bankers, philosophers, political operatives, and economic predators flooded into England and controlled the monarchy completely. Even the dynasties that came to rule England were directed by Italian bankers like the d’Este family who married into the Fugger and Welser German banking families, later marring into the elite families of England. Gasparo Contarinia and Paolo Sarpi were the minds behind overthrowing the European monarchies and the Pope of Rome. Eventually, this infiltration was complete when the Italian banking families married into the great houses of England: Howards, Russells, Herberts, Cavendishes, Cromwells, Poles and many others. Thus, Britain was permanently infected by the Venetian virus of central banking and Italian warlord politics.

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