What On Earth Is Happening – Episode #204

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Topics: How To Find Occulted Information In The Era Of Internet Censorship, 9th Year Anniversay of What On Earth Is Happening Show/Podcast, Internet Censorship and how dangerous it is, Centralized Client-Server Network Model vs. De-Centralized Distributed Network Model, Learning concepts instead of memorizing tasks, Alternative areas of the Internet, Archive.org, UseNet, IRC, BitTorrent, File Systems, File Type and Apps for Digital Media, How to download and use a BitTorrent Client, Concen.org, Torrents vs. Magnets, Seeking information beyond the Mainstream Paradigm, Taking responsibility for the condition of the world, Justifications for immoral actions, Logical exercise reducing a moral argument to two people to illustrate Right vs. Wrong, Most people are NOT honest with themselves, Excuses people make for being ignorant, People who dispute Knowledge with Opinion and Belief, The Pain of mingling with people in public who are not Awake, a “Defacto” Anarchist, Vices vs. Crimes, Self-harm resulting in Neglect of stewardship, Ignorance of Freedom does the Greatest Harm, Best Practices when calling into the WOEIH Live Show, Fear holding people back from downloading important alternative information, Brandon Lee March and the Season of Sacrifice, Measles outbreak despite vaccinations, Memories triggered through sensory input, Routine distractions fed to the public. Mark Passio’s web site: http://www.whatonearthishappening.com