Blame It On The Doorway Effect !

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“Who needs soft disclosure when a ME shift will just rewrite the history of the hologram?” – SMQ AI

The band The Doors seem to be on to something ; their original name ( from the book No One Here Gets Out Alive ) was The Doors to Perception – a Audous Huxley book. When you become older, you will routinely forget what you are looking for when you go to the next room. I even considered having a note pad available to write stuff down. I set about to notice the natural ending and starting points according to how the waking Universe winks out and starts again ; then we find this out. Scintillating stuff – Gregory Watson

Im like. “Im gonna do some chores around the house and listen to the show”. Zoom, zoom. Chores. As soon as I go through a door here Chicklette says “doorway”. And I’m like.. “ok”. “Don’do’datchicklette”. “Don’t say doorway when I go through one”. Now, what was I doing?.. – Jeremy Stowell

I was a moderator on 2 occult channels on Justin TV ( JTV ) from 2003 until 2009. I saw every documentary on occult subjects. Now I’m getting brand new information …  – Gregory Watson

This is an awesome group and I am privileged to be a part of it, you had me at “we died”😜 deep thinkers, love it. – Lissa W

The doorway effect is supremely prevalent in the restaurant industry. I worked restaurant for many years, every time I would go into the walk-in cooler I would completely blank out on what I had went in there to get. This would happen A LOT. Anyone who has worked restaurant can back me on this easily. – Dark Wolf’s Den

We have to match the frequency in order to get into the next higher consciousness doorway. – Living and Loving Life