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Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (jammin’) 6min. version

Chapter 34 – The Final Chapter of the Book Jumped Forward?

“With how quickly things are moving in this strange world, I don’t think I should wait 2 months to post this. There are at least 20 more chapters, but this is like inserting the end NOW. If it can help a few people now, why wait. I have no insider information. This is simply a summary of my observations. I do think there is quite a bit of knowledge “not given” or removed from the general population. Dummies like Bush, Obama, and Trump are like actors. They likely possess none of the insider knowledge. Neither do I, but their weak presentation of reality in 2019 which is like a comedic side show, reveals a lot to anyone who doesn’t wear all the veils. I admit I may still have a few to drop.” – Matt

“The system blows the whistle on itself” – Quantum of Conscience

This has been a wonderful journey into untangling the web of thoughts many of us have. This book is like a foreign word with no English equivalent for the relief you feel when you can only hear a piece of a melody and it stays on the tip of your brain, until someone comes along and tells you the words to the song “Ahhhhhh – my god yes -that’s it!” Thanks Matt. You did it. – 10one Won