Chinese Tartary

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Amazing Information About Tartary

“The crusades were actually against the Tartarian regime.

The electric fascia was employed but the Medici Pope in Jerusalem!

Chinese surrender to Tartarian rule in 1664.

Tartarian spies ruling Rome.

“Crusade against the Tartars” 1244.

Rain caused by electric fascias in Jerusalem.

Medici Pope “pulls the plug” on Jerusalem.

Evidence of ‘Antiquitech’ destruction in the tomb of Jesus.

Sultan of Egypt gives land of Israel to the Kharizmian (Kjarizmian) people.

Tartarian ‘basalt’ singing stones.

Discovery of Tutenague- the white copper amalgamated metal for healing purposes! Only found in China for a short time, briefly exported. Made for medical use by Tartarian medicine!

Fire Pyramid Pagodas- just like the movie lord of the rings!

33 Templars escaped Tartarian barbarians… or so they say.”

I.R.S. Intrepid Radio Signals