New World VS Old World ? A New Word For All the Roads That Zig Zag To Rome ?

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“Michael Joseph is back in the house for the third time to wade into the deep end of his most recent YouTube series that centers around a conflict that he describes as the Old versus the New World Order in relationship to a Catholic or Universal doctrine. And that phrase, New World Order, conjures many ideas and images, but with it comes a question not asked by many: if there’s a New World Order, what then is the Old World Order? And that is a question Mike has sought to answer, and it’s an answer that will spiral out in directions that question the occult and esoteric doctrines we’re all familiar with, and it examines where they may have came from, who may be the true authors of them, and what secret doctrine they might be trying to impart onto us, the profane masses.” – Occulture PodcastOcculture Podcast