Sacred Geometry-in Islam& Fractal IMPLOSION w/ Tufan Guven & Dan Winter ?

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Tufan Guven – , -“Sacred Geometry-in Islamic Tradition-& Physics of IMPLOSION” – from Sun-April 22 (course visuals/pdfs: ) Tufan gave our most popular gentle visual intro course to Sacred Geometry- in our last series ( see: ) – Now he returns- to reprise/ update AND give us a preview of our conference in Turkey in late may which he is hosting (including Alchemy East vs West) . Tufan’s direct ancestors- lived and taught the spiritual aspect of ancient sacred geometry and script – in the Muslim and Eastern traditions. Inspired by their dream- this has become a core vision for Tufan – AND our group- that the perfect marriage of East and West (and healing of religion wars) – comes from understanding the perfect beauty of the identical spiritual physics which is exactly behind BOTH Eastern and Western religion and culture! – Dan Winter