Say Something ?

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if we are here by design
to overcome our minds

will we have to break the law
to restore sanity

if no justice remains
to justify humanity

they have respected my space
and have been restored to grace

they have not tried to change
my questions into answers

and vision returns
to thinkers and dancers

and knowledge isn’t broken
by the reviews which are spoken

and the sun is warm and yellow again
for all of the enemies i’ve turned into friends

next level friends
beyond your system

will never turn pigeons
into clay again

the wind and the rain and the earth
we have formed

the god of your books and your lies has been warned,

to cease and desist misleading new borns

the fire we guard
in the heart of the storm

keeps the life waters pure
never be bored

in the realm of the infinite
mind adorned

you are more than the sum
of the answers and swords

you overcame
to unlock this door

we love the questions
and we’re not keeping score.

never limit your questions
with other men’s answers

never limit your thoughts
with other men’s words

all the words that have led you
from here to there

will all disappear
once you are where

you wanted to be
in your last fantasy

pray for the men with answers
pray for the jealous gods

pray for the belly dancers
in the land of odd

we’ve removed the fear
of shelter and food

nothing to fear
nothing to prove

join hands with a thought
a heart and a groove

when the mystery is shared
there’s nothing to lose

if questions marks replace all periods
and no thought is set in stone

if you create your reality with answers
to the questions you’ve been shown

will the things you’ve limited
serve you on their own

if you saying so means you’ve agreed

if behind each word lives a thought
with a need

the answers you give
to the questions which arise
from the infinite mystery

may gain favor and be popular
until they’re not

the answers that you formed
for the slaves in your club

screwed every cotton picker
in your state approved bathtub

they memorized every verse
a priest chiseled in stone

and gave 10% for 2,000 years
fearing the great unknown

is it any wonder
nobody owns a home

skin another stray cat
give a sheep doggie a bone

knick another patsy
copyright another clone

there are no questions left
on the roads that lead to Rome.

my input is not your ouput

my golem is not your slave

have fun in the petri dish

try to behave

squeeze ’em with your tension

juice ’em with your lies

count the one’s and zero’s

when space runs out of time

i’m not here to teach you

and you’re not here to learn

you’re only here to roll the dice

and take your think tank turns

blame it on your ego

blame it on your humble pies

blame it on the price of whiskey

blame it on the wine

the fruit juice wagon philosophers

at the five and dime

blame the cliche’s in your temple

for the reasons and your crimes

can you sing :::