The Divine Programme Of The World’s History – Albert Close

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Closer look into Turkey and The First Decree or, Edict of Toleration 1844-TDPOTWH 16 – BretNorman

“Welcome to our study of a very profound little book, written by Albert Close and compiled from the works of five different protestant authors ( Elliot, Barnes, Birks, Wordsworth, and Guinness ) and published by the Protestant Truth Society in Great Britain at the time of the First World War, or The Great War (the name given at the time of the outbreak of it in 1914) The actual day of publication and printing is yet to be discovered in the book, but from what we see of the first part he wrote on May 1st, 1916. So, as always we hope that there are people that will grow and will be edified in the LORD Jesus Christ in our reading and discussion on this work of collaboration between Jörg Glismann and me (Bret Norman) in this book:”

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