Nothing In This Book Is True ?

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Occulture Podcast 136. Bob Frissell // Redefining Humanity, Breath Alchemy & Our Physical Geometry

“Bob Frissell is the author of, among other things, “Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are”, which was just re-released with a 25th anniversary edition. Bob’s work is something I stumbled upon several years ago, and this book was pretty instrumental in shaping the young, inquisitive mind I had at the time.

Bob’s book is considered an underground classic in the realm of metaphysics and spirituality, and it explores everything from higher consciousness and human evolution to sacred geometry, the secret government, UFOs, Atlantis and so much more.

We’re not going to get too metaphysical though, so if you’re here for UFO and Atlantis talk, this is not for you. This chat is more about the topics that more directly affect our everyday lives and how we can continue on the path of positive personal transformation. Because, really, that is my primary interest here and always has been, and it turns out it’s Bob’s primary interest too, so it was nice to explore that common ground together.

So take a few deep circular breaths and let Bob Frissell guide you through the hidden hallways that make up the haunted house we all have living inside us.” – Occulture Podcast