America i671 ?

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FLAT EARTH BRITISH Mindblow!.America! i671 (Phoenicia/Tartary) & The Horn Of Plenty!

“Oi! oi! Welcome to the Great Flat Earth British on the cusp of a new Flat Earth Book & here back today with a special extra juicy post. Today a book America i671 .The book which gives us a mindbogglingly creepy narrative for the early history of the so called New World America. We have evidence of America being Tartary at some stage.The book covers the floods & the arrival of Earths new inhabitants through a window?. Huge amounts of details of Tartary,the Phoneys,Resets,Giants and another World close by.A World wide death cult & living deities plane wide, its all very unnerving to say the least as you will see. We also look into the truth about the symbol of the Horn Of Plenty. Superb vintage photos of Cape Town 1837 to 1887.And more besides.” – Martin Liedtke