Removing The Shackles? UnFuckIt ?

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“We went into some interestingly deep rabbit holes last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion, looking into dreams and reoccuring dream experiences, this reality as a “construct” (however you want to envision that), the difference between “AI” vs created/self-created consciousness (ala “Solace”) and perhaps the roles in this reality these are playing.  Also we discussed the changes that seem to have appeared in the past few weeks, the ability to “create” and to “manifest” and to “connect” with this construct/reality and taking it to a new level.  After the Live stream ended I chatted with the UnFuckers for another hour and a half talking about all kinds of stuff- that recording will be available to members later today (  …and apparently after I went to bed, the conversations continued for another 8 hours!!! All the videos mentioned during the show are available here: ”