Canada’s Great Pump-and-Dump Legal Marijuana Scam ?

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“Weed was actually a fairly stable market. Barriers to entry into the business were virtually non-existent. Those who worked hard and networked effectively survived and even thrived. The only downside was that your entire lifestyle, not to mention your life, was at constant risk, simply because the stuff was illegal.

It’s been more than obvious for decades that this idiocy needs to end. Everybody knew it. The career political operators behind Justin Trudeau knew it. They made legalized weed a centrepiece of their election run.

When they won, they immediately threw the entire industry to Bay Street. The Globe and Mail was fully complicit in this, and continue to milk this shrinking teat as hard as they can. It’s shrinking because the vast majority of the populace are in no hurry to pay more for an inferior product.

Meanwhile, multiple former high-level police officials, after spending their careers ruining the lives of anyone affiliated with the formerly illegal pot biz, were suddenly in demand as movers and shakers in the burgeoning legal Bay Street pot scene.

Bay Street sharpies walked away with millions, in some cases hundreds of millions, convincing a gullible Globe-reading public that legal pot stocks were the next Amazon or Apple.

As those investors are finding out, that wasn’t the case.” full article link – View From Falling Downs